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  About FindYourLaptop  

FindYourLaptop is a simple but (hopefully) effective solution to locating a lost or stolen laptop. It came about because I decided that since I had just bought an EEE PC (probably the most easily lost or stolen laptop ever made) some software to locate it again should it go missing would be a good idea.

FindYourLaptop is a simple program that runs in the background and monitors the current IP address used by the computer it is installed on to connect to the internet. Whenever a previously unseen IP is found, an email will be sent to a predefined address with the date and time and the new IP address detailed. This information can then be used to locate the laptop.


Version History

Version Release Date Changes
0.22 29/06/2009
  • Added the ability to specify a range of known IP Addresses
0.2 21/12/2008
  • Added a separate configuration application to simplify initial setup
  • Added the ability to encrypt the mail server password for better security
  • Added a link to DNSTools to the IP Detected email for easy lookup of the WHOIS records for the IP Address
0.1 12/11/2008
  • Initial Release